A Heartfelt Thank You to Edward Herman

by Project Censored
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This is a special message from Mickey Huff, Director of Project Censored

It is with great sadness that we report the death of the brilliant and prolific Edward Herman…he was 92. He gave us a great chapter for our latest book, Censored 2018: Press Freedoms in a ‘Post-Truth’ World— “Still Manufacturing Consent: the Propaganda Model at Thirty.” He takes on critics of the Propaganda Model and argues how it continues to stand the test of time. Grateful that we got to work with him this past spring through late June during his writing of the chapter, which may be his last published work (done after his work on Fake News/Russia for Monthly Review).

He was incredibly kind in our exchanges. When I reached out to him last spring to talk about the upcoming 30-year anniversary of his book with Noam Chomsky (Manufacturing Consent), he was a bit reluctant as he had two other chapter-length projects in the hopper (yes, into his 90s), but said he really wanted to do the retrospective on the Propaganda Model for Project Censored. He eventually wrote back and said…”I’ll do it.” We were delighted that he agreed.

Into May, when he was finishing his stellar piece for Monthly Review, we talked by phone…he asked for some more time, he wanted to add more to it, there was so much more he wanted to say…and we were able to have a round or two of edits. At times, he would e mail every other day, excited about new items he’d added, and we got it into the book just on deadline for our publishers at Seven Stories Press. During the edits, he had a great sense of humor– self-deprecating, funny as hell, sharp as a tack. And humble. What an amazing model he himself was and is to academics and activists. We are honored and humbled ourselves to have published one of his last works. He will be greatly missed.