Hillary Clinton’s Role in 2009 Honduran Military Coup

by Vins
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In September 2015, Alexander Main writing for The Center for Economic and Policy Research published “Hillary Clinton’s Emails and the Honduras Coup.” Main’s article focused on Hillary Clinton’s emails surrounding the Coup in Honduras. The topic of these emails is important because they have exposed how the US government, and in particular Clinton, really feels about the Coup. Since September 2015 the corporate press has under-reported “Hillary Clinton’s Emails and the Honduras Coup.”

Main’s article focused on the topic of Clinton’s personal emails about the coup happening in Honduras in 2009. Democrats in the House insisted that the state department declare the actions in Honduras a military coup. Declaring it a military coup it would effectively cut off the country from any aid that is none humanitarian. Not only did the party want to label it a coup, her closest advisers were strongly urging it as well. She was willing to let the new leaders from the coup stage an election that was clearly staged to favor the coup’s leaders. This clearly goes against democracy and the ideals that she says she upholds.

The topic of Hillary Clinton’s emails is important because it demonstrates a US Presidential Candidates role in the military coup of a democratically elected leader. This lack of response by the State Department, and in particular Hillary Clinton, has not only hurt the relations with Latin America but has contributed to the increase in poverty in Honduras. By her not labeling the coup the US kept funneling money, which was to help support democracy, to the coup. Every other country labeled the revolution a military coup and stopped their funding immediately to Honduras. These emails have shown how Clinton really deals with foreign policy and not just about what she says she believes in.

The independent news coverage of “Hillary Clinton’s Emails and the Honduras Coup” has been extensive. The independent press, including Commondreams.com, Counterpunch.org, Huffingtonpost.com, and America.Aljazeera.com, has all covered either this topic or this article. The article by Adam Johnson “The Murder That Exposed Hillary Clinton’s Grim Legacy in Honduras.” focused on the murder of Berta Cáceres, a famous outspoken activist against the military coup.

The corporate news coverage of “Hillary Clinton’s Emails and the Honduras Coup” has been non-existent on the most important half of the story. The corporate media has thoroughly discussed the Clinton email server scandal, but have ignored the content of these emails. The corporate media has focused on the fact that she was using a personal server to send and receive classified information. They are ignoring the larger picture of the scandal in order to focus on the servers that sent the emails.

Hillary Clinton has shown her true policies through her emails that were once made in confidence. The policies that she is supporting in Honduras do not reflect the US values or policies that she is supposed to be upholding too. The coverage by corporate media on this particular story has been non-existent and the independent coverage has been less then ideal on this important story.


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Student Researcher: Mitchell Graham (Diablo Valley College)

Faculty Evaluator: Nolan Higdon (California State University, East Bay)