Honduras Takes over Garifuna Hospital

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Despite objections by local Garifuna communities of Afro-Caribbean descent, Honduras’ de facto government is moving to take over the first and only Garifuna-managed hospital in the country, ousting its current staff.  In August, the de facto ministry of health notified hospital staff that the facility was being downgraded to a health center under new management. “These measures would condemn to death many of our old and seriously ill people and stop all outreach and prevention services,” according to Dr. Luther Castillo, Cuban trained Garifuna physician who built the facility.  The current staff has decided to stay put, vowing to continue working even without the small stipend the government had provided in the past.  “We will not abandon our people, the poorest of the poor and the real victims of the coup.”  Three hundred representatives of local Garifuna governments gathered to support the hospital and its staff and have declared they will not recognize the de facto government’s takeover. San Francisco Bay Viewreports that the de facto government has targeted Dr. Castillo for assassination in order to decapitate the leadership of the Garifuna people.  Title: Takeover imminent of Honduras’ Garifuna community Hospital”

Medical Education Cooperation with Cube (MEDICC), and “Save the Honduran Garifuna and all oppressed Hondurans

Author: Willie Thompson,

Source: San Francisco Bay View, 09/1/09

http://www.sfbayview.com/2009/takeover-imminent-of-honduras’-garifuna-community-hospital/ Student Researcher: Jenna StiverCommunity Evaluator: April Hurley MDSonoma State University