How the World Changed After 9/11

by Project Censored

I.N.N. invites you to join us as we host 8 panel discussions over 2 days which will explore the important changes in our world since the attacks of 9/11 and the ever increasing need to understand its relevance. On the 9th anniversary of these attacks we can look back on 2 wars, 2 U.S. Administrations, a world financial crisis and the impact on culture both home and abroad. Of particular interest will be the changes in the face of the military, the surveillance state, the media, the economy, politics and corporatism that have been cast by the official government narrative of the attacks and the struggle against empire embodied in these changes.

At this 9th anniversary symposium produced by INN World Report you will hear from a stellar array of speakers who have gained global recognition for having engaged and challenged these changes.

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