Huge Rise in Birth Defects in Falluja

by Project Censored
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Iraqi former battle zone is seeing an abnormal cluster of infant tumors and deformities.  Doctors are dealing with up to fifteen times as many chronic deformities in infants and a spike in early life cancers that may be linked to toxic material left from invasion and occupation.  Doctors are treating ababy born with two heads, babies with multiple tumors, and other nervous system issues.  The frequency of these abnormalities has increased significantly since 2003.  Health officials are also starting to focus on possible reasons, chief among them potential radiation or chemical poisonings. Abnormal clusters of infant tumors have also been repeatedly cited in areas that have in the past also been intense battle zones where modern munitions have been heavily used. Title: Huge Rise In Birth Defects In Falluja: Iraqi Former Battle Zone Sees Abnormal Clusters Of Infant Tumours And DeformitiesAuthor: Martin Chulov,Source:, 13 November 2009

Student Researcher: Marissa Warfield

Faculty Evaluator: Peter Phillips

Sonoma State University