I’m Ringing The Message Loud

by Project Censored

By: Danielle ILene Bennett

Im tired of the war drums calling our brothas in reaching to recruit our children…”I do say my child I’m here to stop a beating heart today”
How much longer do we stand for the nonsense and contribute to the master plan to destroy our ancestors in the motherland

Always expecting a parade to corner our streets to show off the bloody hands of what was drawn to pull over once again a bloody sheet

Why shall we praise those who have embraced senseless killings since slave days

How many times are we going to be tricked by the propaganda of those in power warning us to stay within our own borders

Remember and don’t forget that those who we let cross over is now in the race against the witch hunt that our president now embrace

We are always fooled by the message that change will come different agenda but yet the same beat of the drum

When is it likely that we will be victorious in all the rights that were set before us to allow us to govern with our own voices

Or imagine this…taking from the military killas and drug dealas to invest back into the school so that we are certain that mama doesn’t raise a fool

Even a possibility that we can cause the military to give back our unpolluted environment stop the burning of gas from jets and scarring the land in which it treads

That’s it…I cant take it much longer…this is what I will do…

No my children… for you know not what you do…your heart will stay beating today

I will take that damn drum and throw it away

I will protest at every parade to remind everyone of what we are praising on that day

No longer be tricked by propaganda because knowledge is my power

Im stopping the witch hunt there is another underground railroad here at bay

I will use my voice to make sure I practice my rights to be heard in how I should best be governed

I will not contribute to the military killas and drug dealas and invest in my local schools because this mama isnt and raises no fools

Help to save our environment take it back from them because this isnt what democracy looks like….Im ringing the message loud… this isn’t what democracy looks like!
Danielle ILene Bennett: I’m a 2011 non-traditional graduate of St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, MN with a major in Women’s Studies and a double minor in African American Studies and Human Relations. I grew up a military brat in Yorktown, VA and started college later in my early twenties in St. Cloud, MN supporting war. I thought that nothing would ever deter me from the ideologies in which my family instilled within me. I took an intensive Human Relations course that made me think critically about what war really meant. It touched me so deeply that I began to realize it’s many truths about who benefited and who didn’t. I found out that the many who didn’t far exceeded the ones who did. I started utilizing more tools and resources that allowed me to find the truth instead of relying on mainstream media. I began looking more towards alternative news sources that would tell me what I wasn’t being told. I began reflecting on what war meant to me and how it impacted families and this poem is what I came up with.