Influential Google Positions Filled by Former CIA Employees

by Vins
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Google operates the world’s largest and most influential search engine. It has recently hired a number of former CIA employees to fill sensitive positions. As a result, these employees possess significant influence over its affiliated products, controlling what Google users are able to see or not.

As reported by senior staff writer Alan MacLeod of MintPress News in July 2022, there is a former CIA employee working in almost every department at Google. One staffer in particular, Jacqueline Lopour, spent more than ten years as a “leading U.S. Government expert on security challenges in South Asia and the Middle East and the go-to writer of quickly needed papers for the U.S. President.” Lopour joined Google in 2017 and currently serves as its senior intelligence collection and trust and safety manager, MacLeod reported.

Another former CIA employee, Bryan Weisbard, leads teams focused on surveilling “the most sensitive YouTube trust and safety escalations globally.” Additionally, the ex-officer focuses on “counter- terrorism and digital cyber investigations, as well as “identifying online social media misinformation propaganda and covert influence campaigns.” From 2006 to 2010, Weisbard was a Central Intelligence Agency officer, now he is a director at Facebook. MacLeod notes many, many more.

Google’s recent hiring practices follow a long pattern of CIA-related censorship. Former high- ranking CIA Officer John Stockwell once explained that creating fake newspapers and news agencies were strategies used by the CIA to turn public opinion against the US’s worst enemies: “We pumped dozens of stories about Cuban atrocities, Cuban rapists [to the media]… We ran [faked] photographs that made almost every newspaper in the country… We didn’t know of one single atrocity committed by the Cubans. It was pure, raw, false propaganda to create an illusion of communists eating babies for breakfast.”

With senior positions in Google and other tech giants, the American intelligence community has the power to control narratives and access to information, domestically and abroad. Is it just a coincidence that state security personnel are filling in these highly sensitive positions in America’s multi-billion-dollar tech industry, which has a virtual monopoly on our access to information? No corporate media outlets have addressed this issue.

Source: Alan MacLeod, “National Security Search Engine: Google’s Ranks Are Filled With CIA Agents,” MintPress News, July 25, 2022.

Student Researcher: Reagan Haynie (Loyola Marymount University)

Faculty Advisor: Mickey Huff (Diablo Valley College)