Iran And No Freedom of Press

by Project Censored
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On October 6, 2009, Aljazeera news reported that three Iranian reformist newspapers, Day’s Analysis, Culture of Reconciliation, and Ideals were closed during a night raid by the government, stopping the production of the news. Since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s rise to power the government has shut down multiple news sources around the country. The government has revealed no legitimate reason for closing down these newspapers. International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) claims that news stories disputing the legitimacy of the president’s election that caused negative publicity may have sparked the government’s raid. Censorship from the government has made it difficult for independent Iranian sources to voice any opposing positions.  When journalists do attempt to print something disapproved of by the government, it is typically censored before publication or the journalist is arrested. In addition, to prevent the flow of uncensored or dissenting information, authorities have blocked specific media sources on the Internet, including the BBC, Twitter, and Facebook. IFEX reported that Internet connections have also been blocked or slowed since December 5th eradicating and limiting the flow of information. The actions of the new government has caused more than 50 independent bloggers and journalist to flee the country to escape arrest.  The government constantly attempts to regulate and delete any news source that does not coincide with their ideology.  This eradicates and limits the Iranians’ people free speech and stops the flow of alternative media.

Student Researchers: Claire Apatoff, Erin Kielty, Tom Rich

Faculty Evaluator: Jeff McCall, Professor of Communication and Theater

Faculty Instructor: Kevin Howley

DePauw University


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