Iranians Protest Acid Attacks against Women

by Vins
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In October 2014, nearly 1,000 concerned citizens in Iran took their voice to the streets of Isfahan, Iran as they demanded action after acid attacks by men on motorcycles were made to four women for not wearing their veil in Tehran, Iran. The attacks occurred as they were driving their cars with their windows down. The protest took place outside of Isfahan’s judiciary building as they chanted and waved banners. Reports say that the woman were targeted because of their improper veiling which is supposed to cover most of their body.  Although four arrests have been made, it is still under investigation by the police and female drivers have been informed to keep their car windows closed. One victim, Soheila Jorkesh, was a student who, due to the attack, lost her sight from the right eye; she begs for help to be able to restore her sight. She claims that in the mist of the moment nobody knew how to help her and that the ambulance took approximately forty-five minutes to arrive; but, she says she will not give up on restoring her eyesight because she deserves to see. Although acid attacks have risen in neighboring countries around Iran because of abusers wanting to punish women because of their behavior, these incidents are the first to be reported in a couple of years.

Source: Agence France-Presse,“A thousand Iranians take to the street to protest acid attacks against women”, October 22, 2014,

Student Researcher: Joshua Jimenez (Indian River State College)

Faculty Evaluator:  Elliot D. Cohen (Indian River State College)