Israel Building Immigrant Prison Camp for Africans

by Project Censored
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The Israeli government has approved the creation of a detention center on the southern border of Israel. This camp is said to “House” thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa seeking work in the Jewish state. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved this camp for the intention to “Stop” the wave of illegal immigrants into the Jewish state. He says it’s designed as a solution for job seekers but will allow war refugees just not regular refugees. Many of the immigrants are fleeing war from Sudan and Eritrean countries.

Egypt’s security forces have been shooting immigrants at the border since 2007. He feels that immigration is growing and it is threatening the jobs of Israelis, and changing the face of the state and it has to stop. He also feels that he is being humane by giving them food and health services even though it will soon be turned into a ghetto.  The 250 kilometer border fence along the Egyptian border is expected to cost 365 million dollars.

Title: African Immigrants to be held in Israeli Detention Camp
Publication: IC Publications, New African, November 28, 2010
Author: IC Publications/Unknown
Faculty Evaluator: Mutombo M’pany, Sonoma State University
Student Researcher: : Nzinga Dotson Newman, Sonoma State University