Jockey Wins Race by Electro Shocking Horse

by Vins
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Roman Chapa, a veteran jockey, is being held to felony charges after being accused of using electric shock on his horse during a race. On January 17th, 2015, Chapa and his thoroughbred, Quiet Acceleration, were racing in the Sam Houston Race Park at the Richard King Stakes. The duo were holding fifth place, until Quiet Acceleration picked up speed, and pulled out the win for $50,000. However, after the photographs taken at the finish line were reviewed, it appears that Chapa had an electric buzzer in his hand that he used to electrocute his horse. Electric devices that force a horse to pick up speed are banned in the sport of horse racing.

Source: Pete D’Amato, ‘Cheating’ jockey is caught in finish line photo: Winning rider who ‘used secret device to give horse painful electric shocks’ exposed,” Daily Mail, January 28, 2015,

Student Researcher: Caitlin Raczkoski (Indian River State College)

Faculty Evaluator: Elliot D. Cohen (Indian River State College)