John Corbally and Chase Palmieri

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John Corbally and Chase Palmieri

Mickey begins the show in conversation with academic colleague Dr. John Corbally; their topic is “Why History Matters.” Corbally recently completed a new textbook on 20th Century history, one that endeavors to include the perspectives of third-world nations, and of everyday people, rather than only the deeds of leaders and elites.

In the second half-hour, Chase Palmieri rejoins the program as a guest to offer an update on the latest developments at, a web site that offers its users the ability to rate media outlets’ coverage of news stories called crowd contested media.


John Corbally is professor of history at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California.
His new book is “The Twentieth Century World, 1914 to the Present,” from Bloomsbury Press.
Chase Palmieri cohosts the Project Censored Show, and is a co-founder of