Mark Crispin Miller and Dave Lindorff

by Project Censored
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Mark Crispin Miller and Dave Lindorff

On the June 20 Project Censored Show on Pacifica Radio, Mickey Huff with Peter Phillips discuss the importance of challenging dominant establishment narratives in the US- Hidden History, the Forbidden Bookshelf, and the war on journalism continues at the Dept. of Homeland Security. We begin the conversation with activist and author Jon Gold about the importance of revisiting the history and politics behind the 9/11 Commission and other related issues the corporate and even some independent media won’t discuss; NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller joins us to discuss his new series of publications, Forbidden Bookshelf, which makes available groundbreaking, but out of print books (from I.F. Stone, Dan Moldea, and others)…Miller will tell us why these works are still very relevant today. We round out the hour with independent journalist Dave Lindorff who tells us about how the Dept. of Homeland Security labeled his collective, ThisCan’tBeHappening, a national security threat.