Judge Rules in Favor of Teacher Who Called Her Students the N-Word

by Project Censored

A Florida math teacher by the name of Joyce Quiller taught at Jean Ribault High School, a predominately black school where Ms. Quiller taught in the Bridges to Success program. This program was created to help students who are two or more years older than normal for the class level. She had a reputation for being a strict and demanding teacher and that didn’t sit well with students and their parents. She was terminated after her students accused her of using racial slurs and profanity in her classroom. For example, a student said that Ms. Quillar berated him in front of the class for forgetting to bring a pencil to class. She had a habit of calling students the n-word, stupid, and ignorant.  The 21-year veteran denied that she used racial slurs and profanity in her classroom. She felt as if her student had a vendetta against her because she is known for failing students.  In one school year she gave 77 percent of her students Fs and the rest Ds and was considered not a very popular teacher. A judge said that the Duval county school board didn’t follow the proper procedure when terminating the teacher. Quiller insisted that if the allegations we’re true then it would have only been considered a minor offense and wouldn’t have caused her to be terminated.  A judge would later rule in favor of Ms. Quiller, that the school board didn’t follow the three step process of punishment in this case. In the past Quiller had been reprimanded three times before this incident for using inappropriate language, but a judge also found those allegations not to be credible.  The courts recommended suspension without pay and reassignment meaning she had a chance to get her job back teaching. Ultimately, the school board refused to rehire Ms. Quiller and terminated her the correct way for good.


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Student Researcher: Chiquita Saintfort, Indian River State College

Faculty Evaluator: Elliot D. Cohen, PH.D. Indian River State College

Ethics Alert

Teachers are supposed to play an important role in our lives. They are here to inspire and encourage us to fulfill our greatest potential. They make sure that one learns the things that will be need to be successful in life.  Just like any profession you have some great teachers and some bad ones who abuse the power they have.  This African American teacher found pleasure in belittled her own black students with racial slurs and profanity. Even after she was terminated, a judge found in her favor, giving her a chance to be reinstated.

Ms. Quiller’s use of profanity and racial slurs against her black students had the potential to cause serious harm. If we could see the internal damage this caused these students we would clearly find a way to make sure this never happened again. Parents and students need to know that they have open access to a safe learning environment. The 18th century philosopher, Immanuel Kant would profess that the morally right action is the one that we should follow regardless of our particular wants and needs. He insists that our actions are right only if they could rationally be willed to be universal laws. However, if every teacher chose to use racial slurs and profanity towards their students then this would destroy our children emotionally and ruin our educational system. Our children are the future and we need strong leaders to run this county. There is no doubt that other teachers would not follow this action.  So the courts need to affirm this by ruling against ever reinstating teachers like Quiller.

In today’s society there are still many people who are racist, but there are also people who are particularly racist against their own race.  Racial slurs are meant to do one thing and one thing only and that is to inflict pain or insult to a person or group of a given race. In this situation, Ms. Joyce Quiller was teaching within the school’s at-risk program. These students tend to fail academically and these students are largely minority students. They are from low-income households, have behavioral issues, and maybe some sort of learning disability. Without a doubt, Quiller’s job had its tough days, but she held a position to make a difference in the lives of her students.  Every child, no matter what race, ethnicity, or religion deserves to get an education. She did just the opposite and tried to ruin these kids emotionally with her choice of words and comments.

After it was ruled that the school board was not following the correct steps of termination despite the facts, Quiller had a chance of getting her job back because her right to a step by step termination was violated.  Unfortunately, the Judge in this case didn’t look at the the previous accusations brought forth against Quillers, and instead focused on how she was treated instead of the emotional damage she caused her students. She was a bully. The rights of her present and past students were violated because they were subjected to this cruel treatment. There is no doubt that this school has a lot of misguided students but if a teacher feels that this is too much to handle, then he or she need to leave