July 2021 Project Censored Newsletter

by Project Censored
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Books in Progress

Censored PRessThe Project Censored team has been hard at work during the past month on four different books. The next Project yearbook, State of the Free Press 2022, will be the first volume published by the newly launched Censored Press.


Also in preparation are two additional books to be published by The Censored Press, The Media & Me, a critical media literacy primer for young readers, and Going Remote, Adam Bessie and Peter Glanting’s book of graphic journalism about education and remote learning under the pandemic. Our fourth title is Let’s Agree to Disagree, a guide to effective communication and conflict management with a focus on media literacy, by Nolan Higdon and Mickey Huff. Let’s Agree to Disagree will be published in early 2022 by Routledge.

Watch this space for previews from each of these books and special prepublication offers.

What Are We Reading Online

Project Censored and KPFA Host Dan Kovalik, Author of Cancel This Book

Tuesday, July 13, 7pm Pacific via Zoom

cancel this bookMickey Huff will host author Dan Kovalik in a conversation via Zoom about his most recent book, Cancel This Book: The Progressive Case against Cancel Culture.

In Cancel This Book, Dan Kovalik argues that cancel culture is mean-spirited, a danger to progressive movement building, and serves only the interests of the extremely powerful. Instead of cancel culture, Kovalik advocates a renewed focus on solidarity, compassion, and civility, all of which are necessary to build the progressive movements we need now more than ever.