Kaplan University Cheats Low-income Students and the Washington Post Benefits

by Project Censored
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Private Vocational College—Kaplan operates vocational training programs that over enroll students using Federal loans that leave low-income student indebted and unemployed. A whistleblower source has come forward to expose how CHI/Kaplin, in Broomsall, Pennsylvania overenrolled students by the hundreds and then abandoned them before externship placement.

Students were enrolled in the CHI/Kaplan Surgical Technology Program year after year, but they were purposefully not being told by Kaplan and their personnel that in all likelihood internship sites, required for the SurgTech program would not be availableCHI/Kaplan upper management, well aware of the lack of internship sites needed to permit students to complete their program, continued for years to recruit and enroll students in a program whose tuition costs approached nearly $24 thousand a year. When the fraud was detected, the college then engaged in illegal practices designed to reduce the number of enrollees by forcing students out on technicalities. Hundreds of student were unable to finish their programs and had their personal lives and credit history ruined. 1,140 names of students that were ‘dropped’ and 25% of those on the list defaulted on their loans.  The other 75% were simply ‘deliquesced’, meaning they vanished from the roles.

The Washington Post, deriving 58% of its entire revenue stream from Kaplan and its various subsidiaries. SurgTech was one of CHI/Kaplan’s most profitable programs.  Kaplan raked in millions of dollars from the program. They signed up mostly minority students and immediately got them set up with Title IV funding

In 2007 the Department of Education (DOE) began looking into the allegations of Title IV fraud on behalf of CHI/Kaplan.  Suddenly, in late 2008, SurgeTech program disappeared from CHI/Kaplan’s degree offerings even though it was one of the college’s most popular programs.

Title: Whistleblower Exposes How Kaplan University Cheats Low-income Minority students and The Washington Post Benefits

Source: The Daily Censored

URL: http://dailycensored.com/2010/08/18/14478/

Author: Danny Weil

Faculty Evaluator: Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University