Kenn Burrows and William Pepper

by Project Censored
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Kenn Burrows and William Pepper

With the 49th anniversary of the MLK assassination recently past, Mickey Huff and guest co-host Kenn Burrows welcome attorney and author William Pepper to the program. Pepper discusses his latest book, “The Plot to Kill King,” much of it based on evidence unavailable at the 1999 civil trial, King vs. Jowers. Pepper says he now knows the identity of the actual gunman, and the facts of Dr King’s death in a Memphis hospital.

William Pepper began working with Martin Luther King in 1967, after Dr. King saw an article Pepper had published about child casualties in the Vietnam War. Pepper later became an attorney and represented the King family in a 1999 civil lawsuit meant to bring out the facts of the killing. Pepper has also published three books, in which he contends that Dr. King was the victim of an assassination plot arranged by multiple levels of government, together with organized crime.

Later in the program, Mickey and Kenn discuss the annual Gandhi-King Season of Nonviolence and how Kenn uses its principles in his teaching at San Francisco State University.