Kenya Crackdown on Homosexuality

by Project Censored
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On November 28, the Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga, declared that homosexuality was immoral and that he would not allow it to stand in his country. He ordered the police to begin raids on known homosexuals in what he hoped would be a blitzkrieg style arrest. Many in the African LGBT community are now fearful that his words could cost them their freedom or even their lives. This is one of the boldest anti-gay statements made in the 21st century and it will no doubt cause major problems for thousands in Kenya. His statements show that he is incapable of leading in a responsible and humanitarian way. He has called for the arrest of anyone in Kenya who actively participates in homosexual acts.

Source: n.a. (2010, Nov 29). “A nationwide crackdown on homosexuals ordered in Kenya,” Human Rights First,

Student Researcher: Tyler Kellogg

Expert Evaluator: Ryan Piche, Lemoyne University, Kenyan Missionary