Lecture #4

by Project Censored

October 9, 2008

Lindsay Beyerstein is an investigative journalist based in New York City. She is currently a national correspondent for Raw Story Investigates where her beat is public corruption and civil liberties.  Her reporting has been published in Salon, In These Times, the New York Press, and other outlets. Her photojournalism has appeared in TIME, Salon, the Austin American Statesman, and other outlets. In 2007, she delivered the Norman E. Richardson lecture at the University of Gettysburg on journalism and philosophy. She is a faculty member at the Skeptic’s Toolbox at the University of Oregon.

Click here to read her award-winning article for Censored 2009

Listen to the lecture here (includes a related introduction by series host Mickey S. Huff) 08MMCL_beyerstein_CD.mp3