Lecture #8

by Project Censored

November 20, 2008


Jacob Wheeler is an assistant editor at In These Times. A Danish-American who is fluent in four languages, Jacob began working at the magazine in February 2007. His international interests include Central America, where he lived while writing a book on the Guatemalan adoption industry (and plans to pen a series of stories for In These Times on El Salvador’s potentially groundbreaking 2009 elections), and Scandinavia, as he was born in Denmark. Jacob received his MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College in 2006 and his B.A. in Comparative Literature and German from the University of Michigan in 2000. He is the founding editor of a seasonal, northern Michigan-based magazine called the Glen Arbor Sun and translates for the Copenhagen daily Borsen. His freelance work has appeared in the Utne Reader, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Detroit Free Press and the websites WorldPress.org, AlterNet.org and WorldChanging.com.

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Benjamin Dangl has traveled and worked as an independent journalist around the world, writing for different publications.  His main focus is Latin America, where he has written about social movements in Argentina, Bolivia’s resource wars, human rights in Chile, media in Cuba and Venezuelan politics.  Ben has won two Project Censored Awards: one in Censored 2008 for his coverage of US military operations in Paraguay and in the recent Censored 2009 for his coverage of the US-backed militarism reemerging in El Salvador. in 2001, an essay of Ben’s was published in the McGraw-Hill college textbook “Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Latin American Issues.”

Ben is the editor of www.towardfreedom.com/ and has recently authored a book, “The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia”, published by AK Press.
Email: Ben(at)upsidedownworld.org
He is the editor/webmaster of the following websites:
International News
Latin America News
Upside Down Blog

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