Listening In: Surveillance on Cell Phones

by Project Censored
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The old saying that Big Brother is watching is now even more valid.  London’s Metropolitan Police Service has been purchasing technology from Datong plc for some time, including a surveillance system classified by the government as “Listed X.”  This technology can force phones within an estimated ten kilometers to release information that can allow real time tracking of their movements.  Big Brother Watch is concerned over “blanket and indiscriminate” monitoring that could occur, even though all covert surveillance is said to be regulated.  In the case of intercepted communications, warrants must be authorized by the home secretary and the action must be necessary to stop or prevent crime.  However, requests can be made for data including date, time, and location of a phone call, without such authorization. There has been no word from the Met whether or not they utilize this technology during protests.

Title: Met police using surveillance system to monitor mobile phones

Source:, October 30, 2011

Author: Corey Aldridge



Student Researcher: Corey Aldridge, Sonoma State University

Faculty Evaluator: Heidi K. LaMoreaux, Sonoma State University