Media Blind to Police Brutality

by Mickey Huff
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A report was filed stating that a suspect allegedly hit a woman and his child, and then fought with two officers. One Memphis, Tennessee officer is under investigation by the Memphis police after being filmed by a local news station kicking an unarmed suspect and hitting the suspect with his nightstick or baton. A report was filed in connection with the arrest stating that the suspect allegedly hit a woman and his child, and then fought with the officers. The local news station crew was out on a story when they captured a pursuit chase between the unidentified officer, another officer and the suspect. After the brief chase, the local news’ cameras captured the suspect going to the ground and holding his hands up in a defensive gesture. Simultaneously, the unidentified officer began to hit the suspect in the right arm with the baton, then kicks the suspect in the arm. According to the footage, the suspect did not appear to have any weapons during the encounter. Once the suspect was in handcuffs, the unidentified officer and the other officer were seen lifting the suspect as the unidentified officer wraps his arm around the suspect’s neck. Shortly after, the unidentified officer was seen by the local news’ cameras pushing the suspect into the patrol car with his foot. The local media blurred the faces in the footage, apparently to protect the police officer.


“Memphis Police Abuse Man; Local Media Blind to Abuse,” Photography is Not a Crime, February 16, 2016,

Student Researcher: Tiana Brunson, Indian River State College

Faculty Evaluator: Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D., Indian River State College