Mexican Drug Cartels Responsible for Migrant Abuse

by Project Censored
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Abuse of migrants in the form of extortion, rape, theft, assault, kidnapping and murder is becoming more prominent near the U.S.-Mexico border. The ongoing war on drugs is thought by officials to be the primary cause for such violence.

Mexican drug cartels – namely Los Zetas, a dominant criminal organization – have been accused of extortion and mass killings of migrant workers en route to the border. The United States is taking action to put an end to the war on drugs and weaken drug cartels by stepping up law enforcement units at the border. FBI agents were sent to work alongside Mexican authorities to investigate the deaths of three Americans that were thought to be linked to Mexican drug cartels, as well.

The U.S.-Mexico border conflict – specifically the issues of violence toward migrants and the war on drugs – is an ongoing issue that has not been addressed by the mainstream media to the extent it needs to be in order for real change and reform to take place.


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Student Researchers:

Ashley Shufelt, Tiffany Hyman, Derek Zeller, Sara Gromek and Gabrielle Lustrinelli (Niagara University)

Faculty Evaluator:  Brian Martin Murphy (Niagara University)