Mexican Farms Need A Water Revolution- A Way to Improve Water Scarcity

by Project Censored
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Due to lack of financing, Mexican farmers are unable to replace aging irrigation systems that are water inefficient. Meanwhile, a global analysis survey discloses that 3.4 billion people, 80 percent of the earth’s population, is at risk of water insecurity.  The way water is used and mismanaged in the west contributes to a culture unaware of water conservation.  New irrigation systems aid in more efficient use of water.  Seventy-Seven percent of Mexico’s water is used for agriculture.  Over 80% of Mexico’s largest aquifers are already over exploited, and still there is not enough water to sufficiently provide water to all farms.  The government is acting slowly to address the problem.

Sources: Godoy, Emilio (2010, Nov) “Mexican Farms Need A Water Revolution,” IPS

Student Researcher: Brooke Armstrong

Faculty Evaluator: Dr. Susanne Zwingel, Department of Politics, SUNY Potsdam