Mickey Z.: Thoughts, Actions and Poetry

by Adam

Mickey Z. ‘s work is recognized by the Alfred and Dorothy Andersen award to be representative of the Fair Share of the Common Heritage. Articles and poetry by Mickey can be found at www.pressaction.com/news/mickeyz/


And http://www.planetgreendiscovery.com


The following list represents but a sample of his work:


What to Do With 6 Million Tons of Lithium in Bolivia? Leave it Alone.

All That Glitters? 5 Ways to Look Closer at Gold.

Collective Soul: Identifying With Nature, Defending Nature

There’s no Time Like Now to be an Activist.

A Startling Taught to Speak.

A Tree Falls in Queens: What does it Mean When a 600 year Old Great White Oak Decides to Rot.

Planet of Lost Souls

Counting Sea Gulls.


Mickey Z. is a widely published radical author of 10 books, and countless articles/essays on social activism and identifying with nature. These works not only summarize for us a snapshot of the environmental challenges we fact, but Mickey Z. leaves us words that inspire collective responsible. “ Imagine being part of the first human generation in centuries to work in harmony with the natural world. What a time to be alive.”


Thanks Mickey Z. for your continued activism. We are inspired.