Silver Screen War Machine: Decoding the Military-Entertainment Complex

Featuring Roger Stahl, Mnar Adley, Robin Andersen, and Fatooma Saad

by Kate Horgan
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Silver Screen War Machine: Decoding the Military-Entertainment Complex

This week’s show presents excerpts from a recent panel discussion about the “Military-Entertainment Complex.” Inspired by the recent documentary Theaters of War: How the Pentagon and CIA Took Hollywood by media scholar Roger Stahl, the expert panelists examined the remarkable extent of US governmental influence over films, television, and video games, and their objective of molding Americans’ attitudes about the military and US behavior in the world. The participants analyzed the nature and impact of this propaganda masquerading as innocuous entertainment and noted how becoming more critically media literate is among the best defenses against such pernicious messaging. The panel was co-sponsored by the Media Education Foundation and Project Censored, and moderated by Mickey Huff.



Roger Stahl — Filmmaker, Theaters of War; and Professor of Communication Studies, University of Georgia
Mnar Adley — Award-winning journalist; Founder and Director of MintPress News
Robin Andersen — Professor Emerita and Former Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Communication/Media Studies, Fordham University.
Fatooma Saad — PhD Student in the Department of Communication at Wayne State University, US Marines PR, military veteran
Mickey Huff (discussion moderator) — Director, Project Censored; President, Media Freedom Foundation

See here for more details about the film.

Video of the Panel with Roger Stahl, Mnar Adley, Robin Andersen, Fatooma Saad, and Mickey Huff