Net Neutrality

by Project Censored
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Net Neutrality, the term used to describe free use of the internet without censorship from internet service providers, is still very much underground. Net Neutrality, as stated in this short article on The Washington Post‘s website, is mostly covered by the Free Press and receives little to no mainstream media coverage. While this article is by a mainstream media source, its main focus is on Robert McChesney, the person pushing to stop companies from having the ability to censor internet usage rather than on the problem of net neutrality itself.  Some aspects of the problem are briefly mentioned in the article, such as slowing connection to certain websites and censoring criticism of political figures, however these and related issues have received scant coverage by the mainstream media.

Source:  Kang, Cecilia. “Net Neutrality’s Quiet Crusader”. The Washington Post. Friday, March 28, 2008

Student Researcher: David Murray

Faculty Instructor: Elliot D. Cohen