New Deputy Defense Secretary Lynn Lost 3.4 Trillion as Pentagon Comptroller

by Project Censored
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Researcher: Chris McManus

Evaluator: Diana Grant, Phd.


William Lynn was appointed Deputy Defense Secretary under Robert Gates. Prior to being a Raytheon lobbyist, William Lynn was the Pentagon Comptroller between 1997 and 2001 during the Clinton Administration. In Fiscal Year 1999 the Defense Department reported 2.3 trillion dollars missing. In Fiscal Year 2000 the Defense Department reported 1.1 trillion dollars missing. This is a total of 3.4 trillion dollars for two years in “missing” taxpayer money. Lynn was the Department of Defense’s Chief Financial Officer responsible for all budgetary administration and reporting. He was also responsible for the publication of audited financial statements which he failed to do and have never been published since. This led to Sen. Charles Grassley (R., Iowa) to object to Lynn’s confirmation on the basis of “very questionable accounting practices.”  Also appointed is the new Pentagon Comptroller, Robert Hale, who served as Assistant Secretary of the Air Force as Financial Comptroller between 1994 and 2001. He was also responsible for the management of Defense Department funds when these $trillions went missing.

“Obama’s Defense Department Appointees-The 3.4 Trillion Dollar Question” Andrew Hughes 2/13/2009