New Palestinian Factory Turned to Rubble by Israeli Attack

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A Palestinian plastic water tank factory was bombed by Israeli warplanes in the early hours of February 9th 2011. Owner of the factory Rabah Al-Hatto spoke as he looked at the rubble of his new factory, “I still cannot believe my eyes as I see the machines of our new factory, scattered to all corners.” Al –Hatto estimates the attack cost him and his business partners nearly $300,000. This attack has also left 20 workers jobless in a struggling economy.

The coordinated Israeli attack injured eight people, along with damaging a primary school serving 600 children, a medical storage facility, and homes in the surrounding area.  The schools ceilings and windows were damaged forcing the school to be temporarily suspended. The medical storage facility caused a total of $400,000 in damage, according to the Gaza-based health ministry. Chief of Gaza’s medical stores with the Gaza health ministry stated that “The attack on this store constitutes a flagrant Israeli occupation violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention for the protection of civilian persons in time of war, as well as other relevant world health conventions.” Due to the everlasting 4 yearlong Israeli blockades, 183 different medications have been running short as deliveries are delayed in Gaza.

The Israeli Army stated the attacks were in response to five homemade rockets shot into southern Israel, causing no injuries and subordinate damage.

Title: New Gaza factory, jobs destroyed in Israeli attack

Author: Rami Almeghari

Source: The Electronic Intifada, February 10 2011


Photo Credit: The Electronic Intifada, Rami Almeghari

Student Researcher: Shah Baig, Sonoma State University

Faculty Advisor: Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University