Nigerian Policemen Kill 200 Suspects

by Project Censored
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Student Researchers: Christopher Jerome & Sarah Johnson

Faculty Instructor: Christina Knopf, Ph.D.

Evaluator: Dr. Brian Snee, Professor of Communication, SUNY Albany

Gun battles between suspected robbers and the Lagos police have resulted in the deaths of nearly 200 suspects in a mere 10 months.  In addition to the casualties, 417 robbery suspects were arrested, 1,040 vehicles were recovered from what were described as “hoodlums,” along with 12,812 ammunitions.  Police also gunned down two militant officers, who may have been behind the death of spy police personnel in the Nigerian area.  In all cases, investigation into the incidences was lacking.

The Nigerian Police Department has had problems with investigations, and civilians have suspected that police officers themselves have been involved in many criminal activities, and that their use of discipline is much too harsh for how little investigation occurs in criminal situations.  Nigerian police have very little training, low pay, and often respond to criminal situations in an inefficient manner.  With their constitutional right as the exclusive jurisdiction throughout the country, civilians believe the police add to the criminal mischief, rather than decrease it.


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