No Shred of Evidence for Iranian Nuke Production

by Project Censored
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In many reports and investigations there has been no hard evidence that Iran has any intentions of building nuclear weapons for illicit reasons. “The latest report, which came out in this year and remains highly classified, is said to reinforce the conclusion of the last N.I.E Report of 2007, that ‘Iran halted weaponization in 2003.”

Soldiers from the Joint Special Operations Force were completely desperate to find evidence. According to a retired senior intelligence officer, these soldiers “put in place cutting-edge surveillance techniques” to try to find evidences on suspected Iranians.  Some of the techniques used to invade Iranian privacy were replacing street signs or bricks with radiation sensors to monitor their “production,” spreading high-powered sensors disguised as stones along roadways and constant satellite coverage of the most suspected areas of Iran. Even with all this effort, officials were still unable to prove of any Iranian Nuke production.

The US government  still has the audacity to lie about it to the public. An approach needs to be considered to resolve the nuclear issue with Iran. There have not been any explanations to false claims of Iranian Nuke Production and the issue is still at stake.


Title: “No Shred of Evidence”, Iran Building Nukes, Ex Head of IAEA Says

Source:, June 2, 2011

Author: Sherwood Ross



Student Researcher: Monica Mosley (Sonoma State University)

Faculty Evaluator: Charles McAuley (Sonoma State University)