Noam Chomsky Cites the Wikileaks Revelations that Iran is not a Threat and Israel Lied About Gaza

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Hillary Clinton and the media are questioning the Wikileaks. They contradict the facts given about how much of a threat Iran is to the world. Noam Chomsky provides specific details on how much of a threat Iran really is. He says a poll taken a few months ago on Arab opinions from The Brookings Institute show 80% think Isreal is the biggest threat to the region. The second major threat is the U.S. at 77%, 10% regard Iran as a major threat. This news is not reported in mainstream papers, but it is familiar to the English, Israeli and the U.S. governments.

Chomsky notes that one of the most interesting cables was a cable from the U.S. ambassador in Israel to Hillary Clinton, which described the attack on Gaza, which we should call a U.S.-Israeli attack on Gaza, December 2008. It states that—correctly, that there had been a truce. It does not add that during the truce, which was really not observed by Israel, but during the truce, Hamas scrupulously observed it. According to the Israeli government, not a single rocket was fired. That’s an omission. But then comes a straight lie: it says that in December 2008, Hamas renewed rocket firing, and therefore Israel had to attack in self-defense. Now, the ambassador surely is aware—there must be somebody in the American embassy who reads the Israeli press, the mainstream Israeli press, in which case the embassy is surely aware that it’s exactly the opposite: Hamas was calling for a renewal of the ceasefire. Israel considered the offer and rejected it, preferring to bomb rather than to have security. Also omitted is that while Israel never observed the ceasefire, it maintained the siege in violation of the truce agreement. On November 4th, the U.S. election, 2008, the Israeli army entered Gaza, killed—invaded Gaza and killed half a dozen Hamas militants, which did lead to an exchange of fire, in which all the casualties, as usual, are Palestinian. Then in December, Hamas—when the truce officially ended, Hamas called for renewing it. Israel refused, and the U.S. and Israel chose to launch the war. What the embassy reported is a gross falsification and a very significant one, since it has to do with the justification for this murderous attack, which means either the embassy hasn’t a clue what’s going on or else they’re lying outright.

Chomsky recognizes that a major reason for secrecy in the government if to protect itself from its own population. These papers are allowing Americans to know things that the government did not want them to know. He even states that this particular Iranian threat reveals the profound hatred for democracy that our political leadership has demonstrated.

Title: Chomsky challenges Clinton’s response to the Wikileaks
Source: Allvoices, Dec. 02, 2010
Author: Northsunm32

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