Nolan Higdon and David Rovics

by Project Censored
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The Official Project Censored Show
Nolan Higdon and David Rovics

Peter Phillips hosts with Project Censored Affiliate Faculty member Nolan Higdon. Mickey Huff had just returned from the National Whistle Blower Conference in Washington DC and joins by phone later in the show.  The  shows acknowledges the importance of protest songs in the struggle for human rights and social justice. David Rovics joins us for the airing of activist music from his most recent CDs Falasteen Habibti (“Palestine, My Love”) and All the News that is Fit to Sing. During the second half of the show they get an update from Mickey Huff on the content of the new Censored 2015 yearbook to be released next month and the national Whistle blowers Conference.  At the end of the hour they play short segments from the award winning film Project Censored the movie.