Nuclear Power: Dirty and Dangerous, not Clean or Green

by Project Censored
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President Barack Obama announced more than $8 billion in federal loan guarantees for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in the United States in nearly three decades. Despite Wall Street openly saying that they will not back this loan because of a 50% chance of it defaulting, our government is pushing it through without flinching, spending billions of dollars on energy that is incredibly dangerous. If there was a meltdown at one of these plants there would be a 30 kilometer radius for radiation inhalation, injuring and killing tens of thousands of people. Obama’s budget proposal for 2011 would add $36 billion in new federal loan guarantees to $18.5 billion already budgeted but not spent – for a total of $54.5 billion. In a world where renewable energy can produce six times more than the global demand we really do not need to be investing billions of dollars in dangerous nuclear energy.

Title: Nuclear Power: A Dirty and Dangerous Distraction

Author/News Source: Greenpeace, : February 17th, 2010


Author: Robert Visser

Researcher: Jordan Markwardt,

Faculty Evaluator: Julie Andrzejewski

St. Cloud State University