Occupy Education Reform

Featuring Peter Matthews, Dr. Andrew Roth, and Diane Ravitch

by Project Censored
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Occupy Education Reform

This show was broadcast December 22, 2011.

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Broadcast From Berkeley, California

Today’s show we are Occupy Education Reform as we speak to Peter Matthews about getting Prop 1522 – the Tax Oil to Fund Education– on the ballot in CA for fall of 2012; Sociologist and former Project Censored associate director Dr. Andrew Roth joins in our discussion about education “deform” and it’s impact on colleges; we’ll hear from Steve Zeltzer of Work Week Radio on Butchering Education and Systemic Corruption; and we round out the show in conversation with a leading critic of education reform Diane Ravitch, former assistant secretary of education under George H.W. Bush, who is currently a researcher at NYU, on why No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top simply are not working and what we should be doing to revitalize our educational system. Show Hosts: Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips, with Abby Martin of Media Roots.

Broadcast from Berkeley–Hard hitting News and Public Affairs with hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips of Project Censored on KPFA’s morning show. The mission of Project Censored is to teach students and the public about the role of a free press in a free society – and to tell the News That Didn’t Make the News and Why. Originally broadcast on KPFA on December 16, 2011.