Over 12,000 Students March in Support of Community Doctors in Venezuela

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Over 12,000 Venezuelan students marched in Caracas on November 5, 2011 in support of the National Program of Integral Community Medicine, created by the Bolivarian Government in 2005. The rector of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, Angel Moros, said the march was facing a smear campaign run by an opposition group in Venezuela who are against the educational program. We just want to draw attention to the fact that they are not raising arguments to do with the people’s health” Moros said, adding that “malicious interests” lay behind the smear campaign.

The country’s opposition has criticized the program, claiming that a period of 6 years is insufficient time to train as a doctor. Keep maintaining that level and determination that you demonstrated throughout those years, since it means you have made an enormous effort,” said Moros to the new professionals. Gonzalez asked for respect for these professionals, who are also supported by the Law of Medicine, which stipulates the inclusion of integral community doctors in the national public health system. The National Program on Integral Community Medicine was created through an agreement signed by then president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, and Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez on August 21, 2005.


Title: Over 12,000 Students March in Support of Community Doctors

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