Palestinian Women in the Israel Prison Systems

by Project Censored
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Palestinian women suffer from poor living conditions within the prison walls of Israel.  The majority of prison facilities were designed to accommodate men.  International laws have been drafted to protect prisoners, yet Israel breaches the prisoners rights for justice.  Prisons such as Telmond, Damon and Al-Jalameh do not meet the minimum living conditions required by law.  The female prisoners were forced to stay in vermin infested cells or in areas where criminal prisoners were regularly checked with body searches.  Male guards committed sexual harassment and denied the prisoners their legal rights.  The guards failed to provide enough food, clothing, clean bedding, medical care and contact with family members.  Often times the prisoners were placed in areas of solitary confinement and suffered from brutal beatings.  The harsh treatment of poor living standards and lack of prisoner rights has been a long battle for the prisoners.  Israel continues to breach international law and the prisoners a forced to suffer horrendously.

Title: Imprisoning Palestinian Women

Publication: Third World Resurgence, April 2010, Pages: 37-39

Author: Stephen Lendman


Faculty Evaluator: Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University and Andrew Deseran, Sonoma State University

Student Researcher: Aluna Soupholphakdy