Pierre Omidyar’s Not So Brave New World

by Vins
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In recent years, the media giant Pierre Omidyar has been strengthening his network and influence by funding multiple media companies to manipulate public opinion in service of his own businesses, Alexander Rubinstein and Max Blumenthal report for Mint Press News. Omidyar’s numerous conflicts of interest—from funding for pro-war media, to organizations purportedly committed to fact-checking, and more—reflect the powerful tools available to him for pushing his own agenda. His end goal is to establish a vast, integrated information network “to give technocrats, business executives, and government officials a God’s-eye view of the world- to manage society more efficiently.”

The Omidyar network includes networked media companies from around the world that work in the interests of western corporations and spread fear of Russian and Chinese meddling. Additionally, Omidyar works to purchase leaked information, such as the Panama Papers, to disseminate and spin it strategically.

Another lucrative opportunity for Omidyar is to build a network of funding sources for the CIA to orchestrate regime change in governments around the world, and to subjugate those nation’s citizens while enriching western corporations. From Ukraine to Zimbabwe, the group has established media companies that work to stir up opposition to governments that are unwilling to sell out their country and people.

Lastly, when working closely with organizations guilty of fraud, manipulating elections, framing governments, and institutions that seek to overthrow democratically elected leaders in the name of democracy, one requires a hefty PR campaign. Omidyar portrays himself as a progressive philanthroper who invests heavily in fact-checking and watchdog organizations that can award reporters whose work serves his interests, and label news stories and outlets that hurt his business as illegitimate.


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Student Researcher: Will Cohen (College of Marin)

Faculty Director: Susan Rahman (College of Marin)