Political Turmoil Continues in Kenya

by Project Censored
Published: Updated:

Student Researchers: Nick Steblenko & David Tiedeman

Faculty Instructor: Christina Knopf, Ph.D.

Evaluator: Major Scott Toth, Military Science Instructor, Clarkson University

It seems as though the turmoil in Kenya has been taken to new heights and many are wondering where it will end. Kenya’s government is seeking to pass an amendment that will terminate the jobs of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK), giving more power to the current coalition.

The ECK has declared that they are “preparing for an all-out war against the coalition government.”  They have even threatened court action against any Parliamentary decisions made against them.  Currently, they are planning to camp outside of Parliament in order to show their disapproval of the possible amendment.  If such a bill were admitted through Parliament, the terminated commissioners feel they have “no future in Kenya.”

This seems to be a plausible derivation because the officials’ names would be detrimental to their image throughout the entire country.  Also, it would apparently strengthen the government by dissolving a means of checks and balances.  Overall, it seems as though the Kenyan government is still being corrupted in its youthful state and has much to overcome on the path to successful regime.

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