Our Press Team

Project Censored spokespersons are frequently sought-after expert sources on topics including free speech challenges, media literacy and ethics, journalism, new media, and the intersections of media, politics, and culture

Allison Butler
Censored Press author, director of Undergraduate Advising and Director of Media Literacy Certificate Program, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Eleanor Goldfield
Co-host of Project Censored Radio, journalist, and filmmaker
Nolan Higdon
Project Censored judge, Lecturer at Merrill College and University of California, Santa Cruz
Mickey Huff
Project Censored director; executive producer/co-host of Project Censored Radio; Professor of Social Science, History, and Journalism
Steve Macek
Contributor to Project Censored's yearbooks, co-coordinator of Project Censored's campus affiliates program, Professor at North Central College in Illinois
Andy Lee Roth
Project Censored associate director, Co-coordinator of Project Censored's campus affiliate program, Former faculty member in sociology at Citrus College, Pomona College, and Sonoma State University