Primary U.S. Goal in Syria is to Protect Israel

by Vins
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Despite media pundits and political elites’ focus on “democracy versus dictatorship” and the international community’s “responsibility” to avert the “humanitarian crisis” in Syria, Nicola Nasser reports for Global Research that the real aim of US intervention in Syria was to protect the security of its ally, Israel.

For the US, Nasser writes, “Plan A” was to enforce a change in the Syrian regime as their “big prize” and replace it by another government less threatening and more willing to strike a “peace deal” with Israel. Alternatively,  as the world is now witnessing, “Plan B” is to pursue a “lesser prize,” by disarming Syria of its chemical weapons and depriving it defenses against Israel’s arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. Although the United States’ “Plan A” proved a failure, Nasser argues that its “Plan B” has succeeded.

Although the US claims to be “friends of Syria and Israel,” its actions primarily benefit Israel. Nasser states that the US lack of a plan or political influence in resolving the Syrian humanitarian crisis was intended to help strengthen Israel security in the region. The goal of the US/Israel strategy throughout the conflict was to change the regime in Syria to benefit Israel. Meanwhile, Plan A will continue to be on both countries’ agendas.

Source: Nicola Nasser, “The Israeli Factor in the Syrian War Unveiled: The US-Israel Plan A,” Global Research, October 14, 2013,
Student Researcher: Baylee Yates, Sonoma State University
Community Evaluator: Bill Yates