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Censored News on Policing and Prisons – Free E-Book


Could better news coverage have helped prevent the killing of George Floyd?

The urgent and long overdue public discussions about how to end police brutality and dismantle the prison-industrial complex should include deliberation about our news media. Censored News on Policing and Prisons presents independent news dispatches and research articles on police violence and the prison-industrial complex, as highlighted and analyzed by Project Censored.

Project Censored originally covered each of the stories included here partly because they extend beyond the corporate news media’s narrow definitions of who and what are newsworthy—and that is what we mean when we identify these stories as “censored” news. Taken together, the readings collected here suggest that corporate news media have done a poor job of informing the American public about long-term, systemic problems with American policing and prisons.

Project Censored offers the readings here in hopes of promoting and informing the public conversation about ending police brutality and dismantling the prison-industrial complex, and with the belief that confronting injustices in policing and prisons is one significant step in reckoning with the nation’s deeper history of systemic racism and economic inequality.

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