Professional Athletes Support Gay Rights

by Project Censored
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In the last few years, gay rights have been a very popular topic politically and in society. Professional athletes like New York giants player Davis Tyree, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendan Ayanbadejo and New York Rangers forward Sean Avery have made advocacy videos challenging homophobia and publically supporting marriage equality.

Charles Barkley, who has become one of the most vocal supporters of gay rights in the athletic arena, shocked people in a radio interview when he said that he had several gay teammates, and that their sexual orientation did not concern him.

While it may be easier for straight male athletes to advocate gay rights, it seems more difficult for gay athletes to come out of the closet. Not a single American male athlete has ever come out while still playing for a professional sports team. However, there’s a lot of support in the sports community now and as former NBA MVP and longtime gay rights supporter Steve Nash said recently, “Anyone who’s not ready for this needs to catch up.”


Article Title: Giving Gay Rights a Sporting Chance
Source: In These Times Magazine/ September 2011
Author: Pete Redington

Student Researcher: Claire Lueders, Sonoma State University
Faculty Evaluator: James Dean, Sonoma State University