Project Censored Endorsements

“Project Censored is a national treasure in American life, serving to remind us of how crucial it is to be vigilant about making the truth heard in the public sphere . . . Censored gives new meaning to the notion that critical citizens are at the core of a strong democracy and that informed resistance is not an option but a necessity.”
Henry A. Giroux
Author of American Nightmare: Facing the Challenge of Facism
“A clarion call for truth telling.”
Daniel Ellsberg
Daniel Ellsberg
Pentagon Papers whistleblower and political activist
“A crucial contribution to the hope for a more just and democratic society.”
Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky
Author, linguist, and media scholar
“Since 1976, Project Censored has been both calling out media propaganda and censorship as well as highlighting the best of the independent press. If journalism is the rough draft of history, this book goes a long way to getting the record right the first time, stopping fake news in its tracks and ensuring that we have fewer Untold Histories in the future.”
Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick
Peter Kuznick and Oliver Stone
Co-authors of The Untold History of the United States book and documentary series
“This book is evidence of Project Censored’s profoundly important work in educating readers on current events and the skills needed to be a critical thinker.”
Publisher’s Weekly
Review of Censored 2014: Fearless Speech in Fateful Times
“The systematic exposure of censored stories by Project Censored has been an important contribution.”
Howard Zinn
Howard Zinn
Author of A People’s History of the United States
“Project Censored brings to light some of the most important stories of the year that you never saw or heard about. This is your chance to find out what got buried.”
Diane Ravitch
Diane Ravitch
Author of The Death and Life of the Great American School System
“As trivia, celebrity gossip, blow-by-blow descriptions of the latest foibles of the political elites, entertainment, and corporate-approved stories replace journalism, real news happens increasingly on the fringes, where it is more easily marginalized and ignored. Project Censored rescues the most important stories you should have read but probably never saw from oblivion.”
Chris Hedges
Bestselling author of War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning and Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle
“Project Censored is a lifeline to the world’s most urgent and significant stories. The Project’s list of the top stories that get very little mainstream media traction should in fact drive the reporting agendas of every major news outlet.”
Naomi Wolf
Author of the bestselling books The Beauty Myth; The End of America; and Give Me Liberty
“Project Censored … has evolved into a deep, wide, and utterly engrossing exercise to unmask censorship, self-censorship, and propaganda in the mass media.”
Ralph Nader
Consumer advocate, lawyer, and author of To the Ramparts
“Activist groups like Project Censored . . . are helping to build the media democracy movement. We have to challenge the powers that be and rebuild media from the bottom up.”
Amy Goodman
Amy Goodman
Broadcast journalist and host of Democracy Now!
“One of the most significant media research projects in the country.”
I. F. Stone
I. F. Stone
Investigative journalist, muckraker
“Project Censored continues to do the work they’ve been persistently pursuing since 1976: Exposing the secrets that those in power would prefer to keep hidden and the corruption that should be scandalous, but isn’t, because the corporate media won’t cover it.”
David Rovics
David Rovics
Musician and activist
For truth-tellers and researchers facing this new assault, Project Censored and its annual book represent a vitally important tool for highlighting the crucial issues to know and struggles to follow, an essential guide for truth in a ‘post-truth’ society.”
Abby Martin
The Empire Files, from her foreword to Censored 2019: Fighting the Fake News Invasion
“[Censored] should be affixed to the bulletin boards in every newsroom in America. And, perhaps read aloud to a few publishers and television executives.”
Ralph Nader
Consumer advocate, lawyer, and author of To the Ramparts
“Project Censored is one of the organizations that we should listen to, to be assured that our newspapers and our broadcasting outlets are practicing thorough and ethical journalism.”
Walter Cronkite
Former anchorman for CBS Evening News (1962-1981), broadcast journalist
“A terrific resource, especially for its directory of alternative media and organizations. . . . Recommended for media collections.”
Library Journal
"Real democracy in America is constantly under assault, but the simple fact that Project Censored exists means that the kind of investigative reporting the Project celebrates, and the publications that support investigative reporting, have a forum and even a reward for their efforts and talent and sacrifice…. Forever young, and ever more important, Project Censored makes us all better-informed and more empowered as citizens."
Dan Simon
Publisher, Seven Stories Press, from his preface to Censored 2017: Fortieth Anniversary Edition
“Project Censored continues to be an invaluable resource in exposing and highlighting shocking stories that are routinely minimized or ignored by the corporate media… The world needs more brave whistle blowers and independent journalists in the service of reclaiming democracy and challenging the abuse of power. Project Censored stands out for its commitment to such work.”
Deepa Kumar
Deepa Kumar
Author of Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire
“At a time when the need for independent journalism and for media outlets unaffiliated with and untainted by the government and corporate sponsors is greater than ever, Project Censored has created a context for reporting the complete truths in all matters that matter. . . . It is therefore left to us to find sources for information we can trust. . . . It is in this task that we are fortunate to have an ally like Project Censored.”
Dahr Jamail
Author of The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption and Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq
“A distant early warning system for society’s problems.”
American Journalism Review
“Hot news, cold truths, utterly uncensored.”
Greg Palast
Greg Palast
Author of the Best Democracy Money Can Buy
“For over 40 years, Project Censored has been our watchdog on the establishment media, casting its eye on how the information that we receive––and don’t receive––shapes our democracy. We need it more than ever today!”
Christopher Finan
Executive director, National Coalition Against Censorship
“For ages, I’ve dreamed of a United States where Project Censored isn’t necessary, where these crucial stories and defining issues are on the front page of the New York Times, the cover of Time, and in heavy rotation on CNN. That world still doesn’t exist, but we always have Project Censored’s yearly book to pull together the most important things the corporate media ignored, missed, or botched.”
Russ Kick
Author of You Are Being Lied To, Everything You Know Is Wrong, and the editor of the best-selling The Graphic Canon
“Project Censored has never been more necessary. Democracy is in jeopardy, with fake news, manipulation of our sense of reality, the demise of net neutrality, corporate dominance, and mindless entertainment. [Censored 2019] brings clarity with insights we can all use to figure out what to do.”
Sarah van Gelder
Author of The Revolution Where You Live, founding editor of YES! Magazine, and founder of PeoplesHub