The Project Censored Newsletter—June 2024

by Kate Horgan
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Special Issue of The Progressive Magazine on Media Literacy in an Election Year

Project Censored has partnered with The Progressive to create a special issue of the esteemed magazine focused on the importance of critical media literacy for the 2024 presidential election. Spearheaded by guest editor Mischa Geracoulis, the Project’s curriculum development coordinator, and Norman Stockwell, publisher of The Progressive, the collaboration unites two of the most respected institutions in alternative media.

“We are thrilled to see this exciting collaboration come to fruition. We have drawn on our combined resources and rich history to bring the best of the critical media literacy world together at a pivotal time,” Stockwell said.

“Joining forces with The Progressive in this high-stakes election year emphasizes the power of an informed electorate, and redoubles our shared commitment to democracy and media’s function within it,” echoed Geracoulis.

The June-July issue of The Progressive features articles by a number of Project Censored regulars, including Steve Macek (“Dark Money Uncovered”); Nolan Higdon (The Establishment Strikes Back); Kate Horgan, Reagan Haynie, and Shealeigh Voitl (Navigating the Digital Democracy); and Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth (‘None of the Above’: Exposing Election Year News Abuse). Mischa Geracoulis wrote the Editor’s Note (This Election Year Calls for Civic Intervention). Heidi Boghosian, one of Project Censored’s international judges, who also wrote the foreword to our 2023 yearbook, contributed an article titled An Exorcism to Save America.

As if that’s not enough, the issue also includes an excerpt from Censorship, Digital Media, and the Global Crackdown on Freedom of Expression, a brand new book edited by Robin Andersen, Nolan Higdon, and Steve Macek, highlighting a chapter by Anthony DiMaggio, titled “The Fascist Right, Rightwing Media, and the War on Critical Race Theory.”

The special issue of The Progressive hit newsstands on June 1st.

Censored Press Happenings

Electronic Intifada published US TikTok Ban Sign of Imperial Anxiety by Omar Zahzah, author of the forthcoming book Terms of Servitude. In this article, Zahzah analyzes the crackdown on the popular video hosting service as rooted in fear of the US government’s “slackening hold” on its “ability to manufacture consent for imperialism writ large, especially among younger people.” Zahzah’s book Terms of Servitude, about Zionism, Silicon Valley, and digital colonialism in the Palestinian liberation struggle, will be published in 2025 by The Censored Press in partnership with Seven Stories Press.

An unabridged audiobook version of The Media and Me, Project Censored’s guide to critical media literacy for young people, has been published by Tantor Media. Read by Julienne Irons, the audio version of the award-winning book is available for download directly from Tantor and other online platforms.

Dispatches on Media and Politics and Other Publications

Robin Andersen, Nolan Higdon, and Steve Macek published A Global Crackdown on Freedom of Expression, which provides a global overview of assaults on press freedoms, repression of artists and academics, and Big Tech censorship. Their Dispatch highlights troubling issues and promising policy solutions featured in their new book, Censorship, Digital Media, and the Global Crackdown on Freedom of Expression, a 22-chapter volume featuring contributions from a number of the world’s leading media experts and activists, published earlier this year by Peter Lang.

In Reporters Without Borders Finds Significant “Barriers to Press Freedom” in the United States, Mischa Geracoulis takes stock of RSF’s 2024 Press Freedom Index. Noting that “the state of press freedom is inextricably dependent on democracy and human rights, and vice versa,” Geracoulis examines the prospects—and need—for press freedom in a fateful election year.

Twice per month, the Project’s Dispatches series offers cogent analysis of the latest media industry news, the state of the free press, and the intersection of media and politics. Find the complete Dispatches on Media and Politics series here.

The Project Censored Show

May 20: Uncensoring Congo & Digging up Buried Leads in Gaza; Eleanor Goldfield interviewed Eugene Puryear, and spoke with Mickey Huff.

May 27: Not Asking Permission for Abortion & New Hope for Assange; Eleanor Goldfield interviewed Amelia Bonow, and Mickey Huff spoke with Kevin Gosztola.

June 3: Reinvigorating Diplomacy: Global Tensions and Press Freedom; Mickey Huff interviewed Peter Kuznick and Seth Stern.

June 10: The Apache Stronghold & Euphemizing Genocide, Eleanor Goldfield interviewed Vanessa Nosie, and spoke with Mickey Huff.

Follow the links for each episode to learn more about the Show’s featured guests and content. Find the comprehensive archive of Project Censored Show episodes here.

“That’s Entertainment”


Finally, if music is your thing, check out Project Censored’s June 2024 playlist on Spotify. Our monthly playlists feature independent and under-appreciated artists because we love music and believe that censorship extends beyond the news. (We also recognize that Spotify is terrible for artists and sometimes engages in censorship of its own.)

Our June playlist includes Danbert Nobacon calling for us to “flex our collective muscle,” Charli XCX bumping her infectious “360,” Palehound’s “The Clutch,” and so many others.

As Gloria Estefan famously noted, “Rhythm is gonna get you!” What are you listening to now? Let us know over at Project Censored’s Patreon.