The Project Censored Newsletter – November 2023

by Project Censored
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State of the Free Press 2024 Available for Preorder

The Project’s newest yearbook, State of the Free Press 2024, is now available for preorder.

Highlighting the year’s most significant independent journalismincluding reports on toxic chemicals, climate disinformation, and union victories—State of the Free Press 2024 illuminates issues and raises voices that the establishment press have obscured or throttled.

“As they’ve done for nearly a half a century, Project Censored exposes the danger of profit-driven media, honors the brave journalists who keep the ideals of their profession alive, and inspires us all to demand better.”

––Julianna Forlano, host of The Julianna Forlano Show

Balancing critical analysis with optimistic vision, this volume of the Project’s yearbook series shows how independent journalism can promote civic engagement and reconnect people who have otherwise lost interest in sensational “news” that distracts and polarizes us.

Learn more about State of the Free Press 2024 here.

Robin Andersen, who authored the book’s News Abuse chapter, was a featured guest on KCRW’s Scheer Intelligence with Robert Scheer. Andersen discussed how “atrocity propaganda” feeds the manufacturing of consent for Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of Palestinians in Gaza.

Robin also appeared on Zero Hour with RJ Eskow to talk about her recent Project Censored article, How Big Media Facilitate Israeli War Crimes in Gaza, about the corporate media’s failure to provide historical background or context for the Hamas attack on October 7, which has led to the widespread demonization of Palestinians.

Steve Macek, who co-authored the Top 25 and Déjà Vu News chapters in State of the Free Press 2024, was at Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville, Maryland, on October 11 to discuss “The News that Didn’t Make the News: Project Censored on Corporate Media.” The event was co-sponsored by the University of Maryland’s MLAW Programs and also featured spoken word and poetry from JD the PROSE and music by the Emory Diggs Trio.

The Censored Press Happenings

Adam Bessie and Peter Glanting, the author and illustrator of Going Remote: A Teacher’s Journey, will be honored by the Sacramento Literacy Foundation at the organization’s Authors on the Move event in March 2024.

Kevin Gosztola, author of Guilty of Journalism: The Political Case Against Julian Assange, continues to track and raise public awareness about that case. Gosztola’s Dissenter newsletter—which covers stories of whistleblowers in corporations and government and the obstacles they face—recently featured a report by Chip Gibbons on a letter sent to the Biden White House by a bipartisan group of Congressional members. Their letter represents “the largest congressional effort to date raising concerns with the ongoing prosecution” of Julian Assange, Gibbons reported.

Dispatches on Media and Politics

Shealeigh Voitl wrote Considering Bandcamp’s Changing Role in Music Industry Amid Layoffs about Bandcamp’s sale to Songtradr and letting go of roughly half its staff, and what the acquisition could mean for Bandcamp’s loyal artists and users as well as its remaining staff and union.

In her article, Dark Money, Leonard Leo, and the Anachronistic Supreme CourtMischa Geracoulis explores the impact of dark money in politics and the influence of figures such as Leonard Leo on the composition and traditionalist decisions of the Supreme Court.

The Censored Notebook featured Making Sense of the Establishment News Media’s Distorted Coverage of Gaza by Andy Lee Roth. Reviewing past reporting on Palestine featured by Project Censored, Roth critiqued current corporate news coverage of the violence in Gaza for its “minimization of Palestinian deaths and ahistorical reversals of victim and victimizer.”

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