Rocky Mountains Oil Threat Now a Reality

by Project Censored
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Researcher:  Zachery Stoe and Wanjiru Mugo

Faculty Advisor:  Julie Andrzejewski

Evaluator:  Anthony Akubue

In the US, the Rocky Mountains are said to contain about a tenth of the country’s untapped oil and a third of its natural gas reserves. Just recently though, the Rocky Mountains, under the Bush administration, have opened up areas for what they are calling “energy exploration.”  The Bush administration eased regulations and sped up permission for drilling. There is now a dense network of roads and oil drilling pads that span across the Rocky Mountains.  Under the Bush administration tens of thousands of new oil and gas wells have been drilled in the Rocky Mountains West.  Environmentalists say oil wells release toxic emissions like benzene, a known cancer-causing chemical, increasing health risks for people in towns near drilling.  Meanwhile, the oil industry has said the drilling is an “economic necessity” and could harm the local and national economy if it is not allowed to continue.

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