Ron Paul Was Implicated in 1981 in the Failed White Supremacist Invasion of Dominica

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In 1981, a lawyer tried to subpoena Ron Paul to testify in the trial of Don Black, a Grand Wizard for the Ku Klux Klan. Black along with two other Klansmen were charged with planning to violently, overthrow the small Caribbean country of Dominica in what they called “Operation Red Dog”.  A Klansman, Michael Perdue planned on taking over Dominica by overthrowing the government of Prime Minister Eugenia Charles and restore the previous prime minister, Patrick Johns, back into power. This attempt was a means to make money through casinos, cocaine, and brothels.

On the day the group was supposed to travel to Dominica, they were arrested by ATF agents. Perdue plead guilty and testified that several others help organize and fund the operation and two were Texas politicians, including John Connally and Congressman Ron Paul, who claimed knew about the plot. Ron Paul has never made a statement denying knowledge of the plot despite the implications and almost being subpoenaed.

Two people involved in the plot, Don Black and David Duke, were two of Paul’s most controversial supporters and 26 years revealed that Black donated $500 to the Ron Paul Presidential campaign, the campaign refusing to give it back. This was not the only time Paul was tied to white supremacists. In the 80’s, claimed the best source of his campaign donations came from list of neo-Nazi’s publication. In the 90’s, Paul’s newsletters were discovered in an online neo-Nazi directory. Most recently in 2006, Ron Paul was scheduled to appear on “The Political Cesspool,” the radio show of David Duke’s white supremacist protégé, James Edwards.

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