Rove’s Efforts to Dismantle Sweden’s Social Program

by Project Censored
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Student Researcher: Alan Grady

Faculty Evaluator: Sheila Katz

The current leadership in Sweden is dismantling its social programs. Strongly impressed by the Bush administration, Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has broken its 75-year Social Democrat tradition as the nation of strongest social programs, with the least poverty in the world, and 87% unionization of labor. Under consultation, advice, and support of Karl Rove, current leadership has made unionizing difficult, while instituted a dramatic change in the tax system (abolishing the inheritance tax and most property taxes), cutbacks in social welfare institutions and privatization of formerly socialized functions.  Where a social welfare system provided free healthcare to all, increasingly private hospitals and private insurance are eroding middle-class stake in the general welfare of the nation. A new piece of legislation gives American companies the opportunity to buy pieces of Swedish healthcare clinics including entire university hospitals—So that as Americans have mostly become skeptical of these companies, they’re being invited to Sweden. Reinfeldt is quoted, “We do not want to see a society where people starve, but beyond that, no particular standard should be guaranteed by tax money.”

“Bush, Rove Tied to Effort to Dismantle Sweden’s Social Welfare Program.” Democracy Now. 9 Dec. 2008.