Censorship of Russian Media Featuring Lee Camp and Chris Garaffa

by Project Censored
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Censorship of Russian Media Featuring Lee Camp and Chris Garaffa

This week, Eleanor Goldfield hosts both segments of the show. Her first guest is Lee Camp, comedian and political writer, whose TV program (Redacted Tonight) ended with the recent shutdown of the Russia-funded RT America network. They discuss working on RT, and compare the journalistic latitude it allowed, versus that of corporate-owned US media. In the second segment, Chris Garaffa speaks about the shutdown of Sputnik radio in the U.S. and EU, a network where they were a regular contributor. Garaffa and Eleanor discuss how large US-based technology and media corporations have worked with the US government and its allies to prevent Americans from hearing Russian points of view, or any Russian-funded program, even if unrelated to Russia itself, or hosted by non-Russians. Garaffa also offers advice to Americans on how to circumvent government censorship.

Lee Camp‘s political comedy program, “Redacted Tonight,” had an eight-year run on RT America. He and Eleanor Goldfield collaborate on a podcast called “Common Censored.” Camp is also the author of the book “Bullet Points and Punch Lines.” Chris Garaffa cohosts the “Reboot” podcast and is the creator of Tech For the People.

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1) “Long Red” by Mountain
2) “Lucifer” by the Alan Parsons Project
3) “Blasting Cap” by Preston Reed
4) “Touch and Go” by Emerson, Lake and Powell